Jack Flash

Jack Flash

Jack Flash is an imported Gypsy Vanner Stallion, he was bred by a traveling family of Romani people in the United Kingdom, he was sired by Ol’ Black and White and a small solid bay Gypsy mare. Sold as a yearling to Loretta Rawlings and imported to South Dakota in 2002. He is a foundation stallion with the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association GCDHA and is registered with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. We fell in love with his gentle sweet head and affectionate personality right away and he came to live with us at May Day Acres in September of 2009 and we are proud to have him as our senior stallion. A traditional Romani Cob, Flash is a gentle and willing horse, he rides and jumps wonderfully, he is very willing to please, enjoys attention especially from children and is eager to learn new things. Flash year after year passes his wonderful personality, conformation, feather, color and intelligence on to his foals. He definitely displays the famous Gypsy temperament, and if he thinks there is a reason to show off how pretty he is he won’t hesitate to prance and shake to make sure everyone knows!

Jack Flash Registered with GVHS, GCDHA and stands at 13.3h
Color DNA EE, nT, Aa

Flash is standing at stud at May Day Acres we offered limited live cover and can ship cooled or frozen semen, please contact us for details and breeding contracts.
Stud Fee: $1,000.00 Purebred gypsy mares $850 for approved mares of other breeds.

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